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Welcome to C4Pain

Our mission is to help pharmaceutical companies developing a Cure for Pain for the benefit of the millions of patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. 


C4Pain is a research based CRO/CRU and the one partner from Phase I to Phase IV in the area of pain and inflammation.


C4Pain is the only research based international CRO/CRU focusing entirely on pain and inflammation.


C4Pain delivers the most advanced and comprehensive pain mechanism based targeted drug profiling program within pain and inflammation


C4Pain provides these services :


  • Mechanism based drug profiling in volunteers and chronic pain patients

  • Human experimental pain-biomarkers

  • Human mechanistic pain models in ealy drug developments

  • Quantitative pain assesment

  • Quantitative sensory testing

  • Proof of concept studies

  • Mechanistic taget validation

  • Mechanistic drug and patient profiling

  • Phase I pain trials

  • Phase II clinical pain trials

  • Phase III and IV clinical pain trials

  • Trial design and interpretation

  • And many other services See more >>

About C4Pain

by Lars Arendt-Nielsen

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