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Patients recruiting

•       Denmark has a very good infrastructure for conducting clinical trials

•       The Danish Healthcare sector is well-organized and of high quality

•       Efficient and very competent medicines authorities

•       Very competent investigators (internationally recognized Key Opinion Leaders in the area of pain)

•       Very competent and highly trained study staff at the C4Pain sites

•       Danish patients can easily be identified and followed by use of unique registries

•       Danish patients are very willing to participate in clinical trials due to awareness campaigns

•       Danish patients are very compliant when participating in clinical trials


Denmark is acknowledged for having world-class patient registries, civil registries, and biobanks.

All patients are entered and coded according to specific disease and current/past medication. Searching for patients with specific diseases ensure fast and efficient options for recruiting.

The C4Pain staff has daily contact to many selected pain patient populations and have access to 4000 well characterized patients with osteoarthrosis.

A long list with volunteers interested in participating in clinical trials is also established in-house.

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